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I bought two masks. You can leave these masks hanging from your neck, like a necklace. When you need to wear it, you just need to put it on your face and adjust the string behind your head (it’s super comfy, nothing goes behind your ears). When you are done, just loose the cord and leave it hanging from your neck. I don’t need to be putting my mask away and looking for it all the time. I won’t lose it!!
This system is GENIUS!!

Marcla Fandino

Amazing quality and dedication to detail!! Stunningly beautiful and cant express how happy I am with my mask!!
Anyone looking for a high quality mask that is also beautiful........look no further!!!
Thank you so much for my mask and your customer service that you gave me!!

Debbie Bailey

Thank you very much, Sarcasm and Love. I love my masks. They are not only beautiful, they also arrived so fast. One of them was a gift for a friend. He can't stop taking pictures with it.
I love that they are not only fashionable, I also feel safe with them. Thank you for your information about all the tests you did before finding the perfect combination of fabrics. I did my own tests and yes, they really work. They are perfect.
I will be ordering more pretty soon.